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Still Boris has agreed to put out a split tape with Shit, this is some white ass reggae. Each band will get about 15-20 minutes. Everyone is excited about it. Family Fun has agreed to be on the upcoming comp as well. A show is being set up for sometime in May or early June, with an all grind bill.


We cancelled on the Thunder Fest in RI, because of scheduling/school reasons. But we should be playing an upcoming Saturday in RI. Hopefully soon. We're looking for bands to be on the comp with us. Grind/electronica/noise would be good. UnHoly Strength [usa] is putting it out on tape and limited edition CD-R. Cuz we're D.I.Y. as your mom. Bah, Dissconsolate, Mike's eclectronica/noise/project, is looking to record some stuff soon as well for UnHoly Strength [germany] for a CD. IF you want to be on the comp. email me


Well, Still Boris is pretty busy these days. Playing at the Thunder Fest in Rhode Island, putting together the live stuff for a live album, recording a studio album, etc. One of the latest projects is an upcoming comp featuring ETERNAL SUFFERING, SCUM BITCH, and NORTH STAR among others. Also in the works is a short movie showcasing some bands like FATHER GRESHELL, RAVAGE, STELLUM and some others, also for an audio comp. So things are looking busy and pretty good. T-SHIRTS HAVE BEEN MADE! Front says STILL BORIS In old english red and Back says a special song lyric in blue! The shirts are kinda small. Medium and Large yet both seem tight. For those of you that expected to see us play with thrash gods InComing! at the xVegan BBQx, they cancelled and so no bands will be playing. Patches are out too on old school canvas. We are the best band on earth.