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opression/ deppression/ sanitized buildings/ for the poor never more/
saints to sinners/losers to winners/ hopes smashed..but sometimes/ people fall/
solving for "y"/ for years on years/ found the variable/ y=pain/
the one real/ thing that unifies/is pain/all feel it/common pain/ the first step/to anything/starts with your brain/get out/do something/jus take the first step/lifted up/by your light/anything/you say/ makes me/live for now/angel wings/countdown/T minus 10/earth as we know it/noone lives/ In my blood/my fuel runs/through my being/evil eating/evil be thy name/ in its pin/coming through your flesh/the poisoning/i'm a shitbum/I dont deserve it/good things/bad people/ i wish i could leave/