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.still boris.

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6/1-New pics up at the PICTURES page!5/10-Updated NEWS section. Got a new counter! woohoo! 5/7-New pictures on the PICTURES page and LINKS updated more.5/6-NEWS page updated. Layout and editing done on the releases, news, and this page. My counter got destroyed. I gotta find a new one. Dont use a private msg in the guestbook, i dont know my password. 5/3-LINKS page TOTALLY redone. Hope you like it! Added NEWS section featuring News and shit. 4/30-Got a job as a baker at a grocery store. Added 2 pics. 2/18-Just messing around trying to make the site look good. Adding links and such. It's real crappy for now. 3/11-New Graphics, stoopid stuff the site should be improving slowly now.

Plus about 1500 people before my counter died. Starting over stinks.

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Mikey D.

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